We don’t serve a God that has no interest in the affairs of man

We don’t serve a God that has no interest in the affairs of man. The God we serve is still in the business of making men and transforming nations. The love of God for mankind has brought salvation to us and reunite us to him, and in that love, He commissioned us to preach the good news of the finished work of Christ to people who have not seen the light of the salvation. He loved us and prepared redemption for us even when we were in the world. How do you love your enemy when you don’t bring them to the light of the Gospel?
Jesus loves us and laid his life for us, took our sins to the cross, died for our sake and resurrect with a nature that will not die again so that whoever that believed in him shall not perish but will have everlasting last. He commissioned to preach the message of the kingdom saying; “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand”
What love will you show to the world if not to show them the light that you and to the church, you become a salt? You have co-workers, colleagues, office mates, class and school mates, and entire neighbourhood that have not met Christ and you were in their midst? Have you told them that Jesus loves them and they rebuked you? Have you told them that God is knocking at their heart and they failed to open door for him? Have you told them to receive Jesus and they walked away? Have you tried to bring Christ to them and rejected Him? You see, it is not their fault, it is ours. Our approach to evangelisation and ministration will change if we start seeing ourselves as sinners saved by grace, not by our efforts. In our most messages, we condemn more than we proclaim the wonders of God’s Love. It is good news not condemnation, it is gospel not accusation, and it is gives salvation, not to increase the numerical strength of a church. It is a command of God not wishes of men to evangelize to the world.
Jesus, whom we preach, empowered us to evangelization and as we know that the process of evangelism is not complete if the evangelized is not an evangelist. Tell your neighborhood about Jesus today. Tell your parents, siblings, friends and everyone about Jesus, and live the life of Jesus you preach.
Jesus loves us and made us to live free from sin and commissioned us to make men free, that is how the gospel marches on from generation to generation. The love of Christ has not finished and it will not stop in my time. Share the love of Christ to all Today….