Denomination has become one of the successful tools of devil

Denomination has become one of the successful tools the devil has used to divide the church in this our contemporary time. We have negotiated the unity among us as the body of Christ which is the privilege given to us by Christ as His Redeemed, and for the fact that we are saved but why do we remove our attention on who saved us and place it so much on the people we are worshipping with? Was the body of Christ divided? As it was addressed in 1 Cor 3:4-5 where some belong to Paul and others belong to Apollos, Are they not servants that they Lord assigned? In our contemporary time, we are divided because many are Orthodox, some are Protestants and others are Pentecostal and in the process, we remove Christ and Salvation in the picture.
There is no love among the Christians today and among denominations too. The new command of loving one another has been replaced by the canonical laws and ethics of the church, of which if not kept, your co-church members will look at you as unfaithful brother. The act of showing love is to Love only those who loved you and hate those who hate you even as Christians. The decay in Church nowadays is as a result of absence of Love, as a person and as an act. The self-made and unprepared church leaders has watered the gospel.
Today, we don’t study the bible to learn to be like Christ, we don’t pray like Christ did, we don’t preach like Christ preached, we are not the true ambassador of Christ we don’t love and we don’t preach love. In John 13 vs 35 (NIV) by this, everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.
Do you love one another? Why malice do survive in the body of Christ? Why do we kill in the church? Why do we consult the witches for powers in the church? The quest for power in the church has completely destroyed our evangelism life. What is our message now, do we still correct in Love?
He charged us to Love as He has loved us. Unconditional love of Christ keeps on leading men to Christ but the conditional love of men is the problem of the church. In the book of John 13:34, Jesus said “A new Command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another”